540 Saint Johns Pl
Brooklyn, NY 11238-5502

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I posted the original anonymous note for this building (cowards! the rest of you) and wanted to update: Bedbugs appear to have been successfully eradicated from the 3rd floor as of right now. We are finally considering moving out of our bags. Will update if things change.

Two notes, the building is FANTASTIC about helping you with the exterminator. Second note, while I love the exterminators, they are not bedbug experts and some do NOT know what harm the chemicals (DE, especially) can cause i

f misused.

Please check your facts and visit bedbugger.com. That was my family's main resource through all of this.

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There was a notice put up by a tenant earlier in the year that stated that the building was having a bed bug problem.

Six months later, we became victims. I got a couple of bites over the Labor Day weekend for the first time and we caught one on our bed two days later. When my husband called the landlord's office, they were not surprised and were even thankful of his calm dismeanor. Apparently everyone else was not.

When he called the recommended bug exterminator, they thought he was call

ing from a different apartment on our floor so we expect we got them as a neighborly gift from the building.

We're expectantly waiting our first treatment - which I hope works because I have found I am allergic to the bites - scheduled for a week to the day of having found them.

I hope my neighbors get their act together and get sprayed too.

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