485 Saint Johns Pl
Brooklyn, NY 11238-5447

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I discovered several bed bugs in my apartment (A5). I notified the Management: South Slope Realty (Rav Kumar) of the problem. He showed up with store-bought bedbug spray & sprayed some areas of my apartment. He also told me not to tell anyone else in the building about the problem.

After researching bedbugs and tenant rights I discovered that landlords are required to hire a professional exterminator in cases of bedbugs. This is the only effective way to ensure they are taken care of.


called Rav back to ask him to have a professional come. He responded with accusations and threats of eviction. He wants me to throw out my dresser which he has no right to do. He was so irate I had to hang up on him.

I would have preferred to handle this in a mature fashion and would have even respected his wishes to not tell other people, but his inaction has given me no choice.

I filed an official complaint with 311.

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At least 5 apts. in this building have been infested since July on floors A, B and C. As the landlord, Ravi Kumar, has been harassing tenants, the apt. # for this report is anonymous.

I live in a third floor (C1) apartment and discovered a single large bed bug crawling on my mattress which (already has a rated cover). I looked but have not been able to find a source within my apartment.

While my apartment is currently unaffected, between the third and fourth floors (C and D floors) there are five infested apartments, all of which share common walls/floor-ceilings. This started around the beginning of May, when two or three of those apartments turned over. The speculation is that one of the new tenants accidentally brought them with him/her, as long-time residents report the building has a relatively good bedbug history (we've been here two years, this is the first report). W

hile the landlord was good for the first two apartments, he also didn't allow them to wrap the affected mattress and furniture properly, instead dragging them out through the hallways and leaving them unlabeled on the sidewalk. At least one affected mattress was picked up by a mattress recycler, over the objections of the neighboring super. The landlord has also been dragging his feet, according to the second wave of affected tenants, though once called to action he does pay for extermination and helps towards replacing affected furniture.

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