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Odd sighting of bites 2.5 months ago. Exterminator came 2 months ago, found nothing. Dried everything on high for 45 minutes in the bedroom, living room and office. Everything. Scrubbed the floor, vacuumed. Everything. Put mattress, boxsprings and pillows in bedbug proof casings. 1.5 months ago, a few bites occur.1 month ago a few more bites. 2 weeks ago another set of bites, maybe 11 bites in the span of 2.5 months. Called the exterminator again, he said it was possible we had 1 male bedbug som

ehow...is that possible? Upon frustration, tossed the bedroom, dried, washed and vacuumed. All looked good...upon putting the boxspring on the bedframe...I saw it: tiny, tiny "X's" marked in the boxspring, leading to a tiny husk of a bedbed, leading to a sonuvabitch in the smallest inseam of the protective cover. Unbelievable. Put him on some tape and he burst with blood. Taped it, the husk, documented the poop markings and knowing the signs scowered EVERYWHERE....NO OTHER SIGNS. We'll see if bites persist then proceed with a full extermination in the offchance we received the luckiest case of bedbugs ever: Just 1 (obviously I'm wary).

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