649 Sterling Pl
Brooklyn, NY 11238-4801

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FYI this address is also known as 736 Franklin Ave.

Roommate first noticed bites in October 2014. Landlord sent their own exterminator with pesticide for floors and Sterifab for beds but there were still bites after the first treatment and we found a couple dying ones crawling around. The exterminator came back 5 or 6 more times over the course of 4 months. They could only come back every 2+ weeks per treatment because the pesticides don't kill eggs and that's how long it takes for potential eggs to hatch. It was a terrible process involving many

trash bags of our items that needed to be taken to the laundromat to be dried, but she eventually stopped getting bites in January 2015. However, in July 2015 we found a dead bedbug and she started getting bites again. We decided to pay for a heat treatment company ($2500+) to come this time to get rid of them faster. However, their guarantees don't cover apartments in which they don't heat-treat the whole building and of course the bugs came back soon after. We think they may have entered from an adjacent apartment or the wallspace in between. The landlord won't exterminate the whole building probably in fear of alarming other tenants. We're moving out October 2015.

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