754 Washington Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11238-4505

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My wife, myself and a new born baby was living in 3L in this building for 6 years. On Oct 7th, I noticed that I got some bug bites on my head and neck, and got the same kind of bites next day.So, we had a dog inspector coming in and diagnosed that we had bedbugs in the apartment (we still don't know how we got the bedbugs...) We spoke with the landlord immediately and asked him to have exterminator to do the proper treatment. At this point, the landlord was somehow cooperative.

It was ve

ry hard for us to prepare the apartment for having the exterminator treatment since we had a new born baby, but we managed it some how. We were concerning about the side effect to our baby from the pesticide so rented a small room for 2 weeks.

Besides all the efforts, we still had the bedbugs after a month with having 2 time professional treatments. The exterminator said that they only had one case in the past year that they had to do the 3rd treatment, so our case was super rare. (This exterminator has a great review on Yelp and seems very trustable people.) Also, they mentioned that it has a high possibility that the bedbugs might be infested in other units and they are coming from there, so that’s why the bugs are coming back to us.

We immediately asked the landlord to have the inspection in the building (there are 6 units in the building.) and he said he already had the inspection in every units and no bugs except our place. So, we thought it was only us.

But few days later, when we were talking with other tenants, we found out that the landlord didn’t have any inspection at all. He was lying! We called him, left notes and wrote letters with brochure of the inspection company and asked him (basically begged him) to check the building. No response from him and we were told that he was on vacation for weeks and don’t know when he would be back.

It was already late November and we just simply can’t keep living like that so started looking for a new place. We kept trying to reach and speak with the landlord but still no response. So, we just decided to move to this apartment we found.

Other tenants were also concerned about the situation, whether if the bugs are still there. We felt bad for them but moved out in Mid-December.

Then we heard he came back from the vacation. He was absent almost a month as he knew what was going on the building (or at least outr apartment.) I went to talk to him but he seemed happy that we moved out (because he could raise the rent!) And he seemed caring nothing.

It has been always difficult to communicate with the landlord but this was beyond the limit. This landlord is so irresponsible and awful!

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