663 Vanderbilt Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11238-3829

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Does this seem to be a problem in the entire building, or is it localized to one apartment?

On Memorial Day, several more bedbugs were discovered in a bed frame in the room at the back of the apartment. The frame was immediately thrown out. A company specializing in bedbug treatment was called in by the landlord, who foot the bill for treatment.
1st treatment included steaming and pesticide. Cracks along the molding where the floor meets the walls were filled in with silicone gel. Over the next two months, three follow up visits with visual inspection and more pesticide followed. On t

he fourth visit in mid-July, no bugs were discovered.
The other occupant and I have inspected our bedding and frames periodically. As of this entry, the apartment appears to be bedbug free for the past three weeks.

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I moved in at the end of January 2011 and started having problems at the end of February/early March. Started exterminating mid-March, still having a problem mid-May - but it's only been in one room (the front bedroom), it has not spread to the rest of the apartment. Will continue to exterminate.

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