677 Classon Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11238-3734

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675 Classon Ave, but I was unable to create a report when i clicked the link. left a message for my landlord but since its a holiday i havent heard back yet. bought Dem...Earth i hope it helps. surprisingle the baby powder and petroleum jelly has helped a biy. im going to throw out the horrible uncomfortable day bed ive been using but on disability and cant afford a new bed. but at least the floor will be more comfortable than being bitten all night. i hope!

June-Sept 2009

From what I can tell, most of the building is or has been infested. At least one person on three different floors (possibly more, haven't consulted everyone) has reported having an infestation recently. Some spray treatment has been and is being done, but may be spreading the problem--does not appear to be solving it. My apartment on the third floor is infested. Previous tenant reported infestation and had treatment six months ago.

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