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This is the first excerpt from the records I kept about the whole affair, it was last year. Just found out about this registry, and I'm about to move out of my apartment so I thought I'd put this up here in case someone needs to know. MySpaceNYC rented the apartment to me, and did not mention anything about it (though I'm not sure they would have known).

June 10th,2010. Two days ago I noticed a ton of bites on my arm and back. I had noticed some slight marks a few days prior but thought n

othing of it. Thinking on it now, I was probably developing my allergy to the bites (which has gotten pretty bad now.

After clearing up my room completely, and spending the day in shock, trying to wrap my head around what the hell I was going to do, I called the landlord and said I thought I had bedbugs. To his credit, he immediately came over, and then told us (my roommate and I) that he had never had any problems of bedbugs in any of his apartments, and that it could have come in on some of our furniture, or maybe just come in with one of us. I was a little miffed at this. My roommate had talked to the neighbor across the hall (who has a young child) and she said she had bedbugs the previous year, and now she thought they were back again. So either she or the landlord were lying, I was pretty sure it was the landlord.

The landlord said he would come by with powder and put it along the doorway, and then he went and talked to the woman across the way, and the apartment kitty-corner from us.

That night I slept lightly, and until a certain point believed I had not been bit, as I felt no new bites itching. Then when I finally awoke at 10, I found three new bites on my left leg, and knew at that point that this was bedbugs. I called the landlord and told him (this was after someone had been sent to fix a leaking pipe in the bathroom -it leaked a gallon or so of water before we awoke), and eventually him and an assistant came over and starting spraying my bed-frame and putting powder into the corders of the room. They sprayed my heater, my bedframe, and parts of the floor. They put powder down along one corder of my wall, and then along a few corners of my room mate's room, as well as on the deck door. They also went into The neighbor's apartment (across from us) and put down some powder there.

Later today I talked to the neighbor, and she expressed not only relief that they finally did something, but frustration that in three years they had never done anything as extensive as this. The implication was that my room mate and I held enough clout as new renters (perhaps our rent was significantly higher) to get him to do something about the bugs. Nicki also expressed a fear of retribution or anger from the landlord (Islam Tazul) because her husband was a relative of his. She said they intended to move out this year, because the pest problem was so bad (not only bed-bugs, but mice and roaches also).

Update: We dealt with bed bugs over the following 3 months - getting better and worse until I made Tazul hire an exterminator (he was trying to do everything himself, because he owned a hardware store), and though we still got one or two bites after that we had our beds up on stilts and were going through many precautions. I have not seen bedbugs since, though I don't trust the building to be clean, mostly because the landlord (Tazul) is such a slum-lord.

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