568 Vanderbilt Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11238-3511

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September 2011...Obviously the building is infested. Previous to the bed bugs it was roaches and mice...ALL complaints were met with lies and denial. I was told it was only my apartment! Ha, I see roaches in the garbage closet, they are every where, but now the problem is bed bugs and he is still doing nothing! Finally a exterminator came and I took it out of the rent...only worked for one month and bugs were back. Exterminator returned free of charge but warned me that they will be back as it i

s coming from the building and not my apartment. I am not surprised. Moving out tomorrow!!! Beware this building!!

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October 31, 2011: Found bedbugs in my apartment. Reported problem to the landlord the following day. Landlord refused to exterminate, stating that it was the tenant's responsibility - it was clear that the landlord understands the law, but was playing dumb. I went to Housing Court for advice and was ready to start an HP action against my landlord, at which point he acquiesced and finally hired an exterminator - three weeks after my initial complaint, and only once he learned that I was going to


I live in a multi-unit building and I have heard other tenants have had problems in the past. Also found previous post to this registry. I am confident that the landlord has not inspected or exterminated other apartments adjacent to mine. If another tenant had a complaint, I am certain that they would be treated with the same disregard.

I have been a model tenant for three years and I am moving out because of this experience. Post dated December 15, 2011.

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I just found a bed bug and it is 3:00 am. I have had some bites recently but I had hope it was something else. Found a live one. I hope I don't have an issue with my landlord to get rid of them.

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