557 Franklin Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11238-2906

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In December 2012 I discovered an infestation in my apt #6, I believe this building has been getting improperly treated for quite some time. We got rid of them quickly with the help of Green Apple exterminators, who did a very thorough job and walked us through everything they were doing. Until the management company understands that they have to pay a bit more for better services and better exterminators, the problem is going to worsen.

The beg bugs are crawling in from the cracks along the walls. Management is trying to cover the up the infestation. DON"T MOVE HERE!!!! STAY AWAY!!!

June 2011. There is an infestation throughout the entire building. Families are moving out. Someone needs to send the health department out there.

Apartment 1 was treated for bedbugs immediately after the October report. The apartment is free of bed bugs. The treatment history and receipts are available for inspection with the superintendent.

9/24/10 Bed bugs found in kitchen and bedrooms on ground floor of building, apartment 1. Infestation doesn't seem that bad, yet! Haven't got any bites but found 2 live bedbugs in my room, excrement on box spring and a few dead ones scattered about the apartment.

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