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Brooklyn, NY 11238-1008

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Here is a great example of one major contribution to this epidemic: miscommuncation and/or secrecy. If this couple had an infestation 6-8 months ago, they should have advised everyone else in the building so that a proper, thourough extermination could have taken place. It's well-known that a whole building must be treated to assure best chances at eradication. It is likely the bed bugs spread from this couple's apartment to the neighboring apartments. Kudos to the tenant who is informing the wh

ole building. Let's hope that it is not too late and that you are able to kind an exterminator who is capable.

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My husband recieved several bites approximately 6-8 months ago shortly after a hand-written notice stated that a tenant saw what looked like a bedbug in the common hallway. We reported the problem to our landlord as soon as we realized the bites were coming from bed bugs (we originally thought they were spider, mite or mosquito bites). An exterminator was sent to our apartment twice for treatment & we were given several home use insecticides. We did all of our laundry along with sealing in pl

astic bags during the course of treatment. The problems seemed to go away & we didn't have any problems until recently - one of our downstairs neighbors had what sounded like a very bad infestation & she has been telling all the neighbors, has thrown out all of her furniture & is now staying with a friend during treatment. Our next door neighbor started finding bugs in her unit the following week & we have now found 3 live (sick looking) bugs in our bathroom (apparently coming in through a small crack where the shower wall meets the ceiling nearest the plumbing chase). We've reported the problem to our landlord & requested treatment. Someone from the exterminator's company came & only sprayed in our bathroom, but suggested we tell our landlord he should treat the entire building. My husband just found bites on his ankles today, so we've requested more aggressive treatments from our landlord & will continue laundering/bagging of all our fabrics this week. We were also just told that there's a ground floor tenant who won't recieve treatment due to illness. Our next door neighbor is also getting treated & now getting bites/finding bugs in her unit - we're concerned that we're increasingly becoming bait for the original neighbor's bugs and/or the few we found 6-8 months ago were never actually eradicated. While the landlord has been relatively responsive & has offered to pay for additional laundry costs, the treatment methods have seemed spotty at best (the exterminator doesn't actually inspect anything - just sprays for a few minutes & leaves) & he hasn't organized treatments unless a tenant calls with a specific complaint (i.e. we would never have known our downstairs neighbor was having a problem unless she had made it a point to tell everyone in the building). We're hoping that follow-up treatments will prevent a full-blown infestation & that the entire building will continue to be treated including the unit that has not recieved treatment yet. However, it seems that if one unit continues to have a problem, all units are ultimately at risk.

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Nightmare, unliveable.
Coming from family downstairs who claim they have swine flu and will not let exterminator in.
One extermination and now there are more of them~
I have no home, feel lost, don't know what to do.

Bedbugs in all units of this 4 floor rental building

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