444 E 86th St
New York, NY 11236

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444 East 86th Street, Manhattan is in ZIP 10028. This is a co-op building.
444 East 86th Street, ZIP 11236 is a warehouse in Brooklyn. No one should be living there.

I started noticing bites and thought it was mosquitoes or cat fleas, because I was getting them and not my husband. After a couple days, I noticed they were more frequent and, after some Internet research, decided that they might be bed bugs. I let my landlord know, and he had an exterminator come. But the very next day, the bites returned and I was still the only one getting them. I found bedbug911.com and had them come and take a look. The crew came and immediately found bed bugs hiding in the

mattress. The eradication job they did was above and beyond what I had expected. They first took all the clothing, sheets, pillow cases, comforters, rugs, etc., and had everything same day cleaned. Especially anything thought to be bed bug laundry. It was amazing- everything came back clean and folded! They also cleaned the bottom of all the shoes in the apartment. They then did a deep, deep cleaning of the room using a hepa-vacume. It was nice because the exterminator was working with the cleaning team, so if someone noticed a problem the exterminator was right there to take care of it. After the cleaning and GREEN extermination, the exterminator closed all the open cracks in the room. Bedbug911 left monitoring devices and showed me how to detect. After a week they came back and checked all the devices and did one more check/ extermination. And the best part is, even though I had to throw out my mattress, bedbug911 provided me with a new one! And I was left with a completely clean room, folded laundry, and a nice, made, non-infested bed. 2 months have past and no bites! Bedbug911 is well worth it. I am completely confident that I wont have a bed bug again. And, just to make sure, they have called me a couple of times to check up. I highly recommend this service if you want to get rid of the bed bugs forever.

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