351 E 84th St
New York, NY 11236

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I would like to add to my previous report that it took a week for the exterminator to arrive. I think the faster you get it, the lesser the problem. It can be exponential in just a short period of time. I wasn't given prep information until the day before. There was a lot of prep work and they still weren't satisfied. I had removed all the clothes from the drawers and closets and put them in bags with mothballs. I also packed away all the books in bags with mothballs. but they said I had needed

to also pack away the computer, stereo and skis. They didn't put any poison in the walls either. I also think they need to bring in the K-9 to the neighbors so we know if its spread beyond the other walls of that room. I will post a follow up report in a few weeks. No one is going to be in that room for a month or longer.

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Person was very bitten up and sensitive to the bites. Mattress in that bedroom was looked at and one bug seen. exterminator called in and that one bedroom was infested (bed and chair many eggs) but no infestation seen outside that one room. treated on April 15th. Follow up treatment will be 4/29/2009

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