334 E 79th St
New York, NY 11236

Found 3 reports:

Someone brought in bedbugs. The landlord was informed after a week and they send an exterminator to solve the problem. They did what ever they do to the apt., and maybe the apt. next door to be safe, and the bedbugs were gone. The biggest problem was that they did not report it immediately. This was 2 years ago. No problem since then.

We have bugs all over our apartment. We kill about a dozen a night and now they have laid eggs. Our landlord is Philip Mamos and he basically just said we could move out and he would just rent our place to someone else.

What's scary is they have sprayed our building (oh yeah, we found bugs all over the hallways) and they sprayed our apartment multiple times and there are more bugs than ever.


April 2009. Whole apt got infeted...

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