253 E 77th St
New York, NY 11236

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Previous poster corrected to indicate the infested address in Manhattan, not Brooklyn.

From what I hear, this is an issue in the entire building. We have been dealing with bed bugs for a year now. Our management company knew about the problem before allowing us to move in and did nothing. We have contacted them several times, and their only response has been to send a clearly ineffective exterminator (since the bugs have not gone away). My one roommate has them particularly bad in her room and wakes up with giant welts on her arms and legs on a regular basis. We see them in a

shower, on our walls, and crawling on our furniture. We are all horrified that we are going to bring them to our new apartment (obviously we are moving out). The exterminator says our problem is "slight at best" because he doesn't see the usual effects of a bed bug infestation. My recommendation to anyone who checks this is, do not move into this building under any circumstances.

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