205 E 88th St
New York, NY 11236-1405

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This is one of a block of co-op buildings (205-215, I believe). I live in one of these.

An office-type chair was out by the garbage at 207 E. 88th Street with a sheet of paper that read "Infested with Bed Bugs!" This was quickly discarded and I am not sure where it ended up.

Two days later, the management company left a notice at every door, indeed confirming that "one of the units" in the co-op was indeed found to be infested. No single building or apartment was identified.

The lette

r said steps were being taken to address the problem, and said that tenants and/or owners should not try to treat any bed bug problems themselves, because this can make the problem worse (they burrow). Instead, owners/tenants were encouraged to report to the management company (and owner) any bugs that are believed to be bed bugs.

The co-op had better be serious. Talk about a problem that will drive down the silly prices that owners had been asking for these units.

I am living in fear.

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