171 Sackett St
Brooklyn, NY 11231-3015

Found 2 reports:

I am the landlord of 171 Sackett street . The apartment has been thoroughly tested and there is not a trace of any bedbugs. The report by the tenant is false. I have documented proof of negative testing by a licensed exterminating company. They did a 4 day monitoring for bedbugs with the use of traps. Not a single bedbugs was found.

9/09--Bedbugs found in my apartment. Landlord did very little and assumed almost none of the cost. He wouldn't treat the carpeted hallways and had a man with a flashlight come in midday to check the other apartments. That's been proven not to be an effective check. I had to get the dog and had to pay for the treatments and all the costs by myself. Old brownstown. Exterminators said I could keep them at bay but with all the cracks in the floors and by the heating vents that they were inevit

ably in the building.

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