449 Henry St
Brooklyn, NY 11231-3011

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They're in apartment #2.
My roommate and I fought these bugs for several months, and we've finally moved out because it was out of control. The apartment has not been renovated for a long time, and there are cracks and holes that need to be sealed up tight before anyone should move in.

The bugs are mostly in the middle room. And last month they have spread into the living room as well.

The landlords brought in exterminators several times, but just remember that pesticide

s do not kill these bugs. Bombing them does not work like it does with fleas or roaches. The apartment needs to be complete sealed. And the hardwood floors need to be renewed. They will be in and under the wood no matter how much you spray pesticide.

Apt #1 has just been renovated, and #3 and 4 are not infested as far as we're told. It's a lovely apartment otherwise. Just make sure that the landlords have dealt with this issue before moving in.

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