477 Hicks St
Brooklyn, NY 11231-2944

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I'm back... the bed bugs have turned up again in full force. My neighbor showed me the samples and I'm totally disgusted.

Back in August/September, the 4th floor apartment on the right side of the building had a bed bug infestation. The tenant had the bugs exterminated, got rid of his mattress and a whole lot of other stuff, and the problem seems to be under control... for now. However, we just learned that the third floor apartment directly below him has HUNDREDS of bed bugs living in the a

pt. Which leads me to think that they've been there for a long time. Meanwhile, the bed bugs have now spread to the left side of the building on the third floor, which is right above my apartment. I have a few bites, but my 4th floor neighbor doesn't think they look like bed bug bites, but who knows. We haven't seen evidence of the bugs YET, but we're on guard - looking in the sheets every morning, checking cracks in the floor, caulking every crack we possibly can, and spreading poison along the perimeter of the apt. Our landlord refuses to exterminate the building. We're really freaked out that the bugs are on their way to us... and we're already living with half of our stuff sealed up in plastic. The landlord told the 3rd floor tenants that it's not his problem - that he "doesn't care about the tenants" he "bought the place to make money". It's a rent-stabilized crappy apt building over-looking the BQE. We've all called 311 to complain... We're pretty grossed out at the thought.

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one apartment in the building is being exterminated 9/10/07... hoping the critters don\'t spread to the rest of the building. gross.

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