132 Union St
Brooklyn, NY 11231-2908

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We lived in Apt. 2R

In April of 2010, my boyfriend and I caught live bed bugs in our bed. We immediately told our landlord. He did not get the best, most expert exterminator out there, but one did come in a week. A week later, we found more. We told him again and it took 3 more weeks to get another exterminator out there. He came again, but it didn't work because we found live ones in a matter of days.

By the end of May this problem was not resolved. We had been sleeping on an air mattress

in the living room for a month. We reported it to 311, and they sent out different exterminators who didn't see anything and the next day our landlord sent out different ones who also said they did not see anything. But a few days later we caught some more.

So, we hired a bed big sniffing dogs ourselves, but had to wait weeks because we had treatments and a certain amount of time had to pass before the dog could come. Finally, in mid June the dog came and sniffed them out not only in the bedroom in the bed and wall, but in the family room in the futon we had the air mattress on top of, the wall, and couch. We decided to move and break our lease a month early. By June 30th we were out.

Not too sure if the landlord will get this issue resolved, because he refused to inspect the other apartments, even though the apt above ours also reported an issue. He said that they could not treat the whole apt building at once and would just have to tackle every apt as an issue arose. But, that will just be a vicious cycle, and I am not too sure how soon that building will be bed bug free. The handler of the bed big sniffing dog said that if the whole building wasn't inspected and treated correctly that it would continue to be an issue, which is why we decided to move. We knew our landlord would never resolve the issue correctly.

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