131 Columbia St
Brooklyn, NY 11231-1401

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We at the O'Connell Organization take this matter very seriously. We disclose all matters pertaining to bed bugs according to NY State Law. We urge that tenants be careful not to bring furniture off of the street into their apartments. Also, contact us as soon as there is any sign of infection. Unfortunately, this is an epidemic that has spread throughout New York City and we can only deal with it by taking preventative measures and immediately attacking the problem as soon as there is any s

ign of Bed Bugs. In Rent Stabilized buildings we are limited as far as what we can do in order to evict tenants who continuously are infected and live with bed bugs.

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I moved out of this building in March 2011. The landlord sent an exterminator three times to my apt on the third floor after I killed a bedbug in January (the building was inspected in the Fall after bedbugs and fleas were reported on the ground floor). I'm not sure if the issue is completely resolved, I basically threw away everything I owned.

February 2011 Bed Bugs Reported to be eliminated upon moving in. While re-painting, found dead/ dormant bed bugs in lighting fixtures and closet. Fumigated again on a personal expense.

A neighbor in a first floor apartment has reported bedbugs, and an exterminator started a building-wide sweep this morning. The culprit: many residents in the building have made a habit of pulling discarded furniture off the street into their homes- and consequently mine. It's garbage for a reason, people.

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