131 Columbia St
Brooklyn, NY 11231-1401

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The building continues to be infested and the management company is doing nothing to eradicate the problem. They use Sani tech pest control every month but they need to do the entire building and figure out a way to get rid of the problem. It would save them a lot of money. They should also consider a new and effective pest control company. I spent the entire month of October living out of airtight trash bags and had multiple treatments only to find more bedbugs In December. It is unacceptable

that this continues to be an issue.

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This building is completely infested with bed bugs and has been, as far as I can tell, for at least five years. My apartment is infested and the management is slow to act--I've had an issue now for 5 months with no relief. They send their in-house exterminator to investigate, who then tells you there is no evidence of activity. I've talked to other people in the building who have either had an infestation or know of one in a neighboring apartment. I would advise anyone who is considering taking

an apartment here to find another place that is decently managed--and not by the O'Connells. The persistent bed bug problem is just one of a cluster of sanitation issues with this building.

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This building has been invested with bed bugs for over five years. Though the OConnell organization does send exterminators to treat the apartments within a week or two of reporting them, they have not had the entire building done at once. And when they do treat the affected apartment the bedbugs only move into another one. The bed bugs are in the walls. Until they properly treat the building all at once this will continue to to be a problem. Not only do they not treat the whole building they al

so have a tendency to pinpoint one or more neighbors and threaten to charge them for being the cause of the infestation even though the building had had then for years. They try to pit tenants against one another or intimidate tenants by threatening to charge them for treatments or evict them for "causing the bedbugs" when in reality they are responsible for not treating the building properly. The neighbors had to get together years ago to force the Oconnell organization to treat the bedbugs when they first showed up and the tenants need to sick together now. The Oconnells charge way too much to subject tenants to bed bug infestations, faulty plumbing, dirty hallways and then get nasty with rent paying tenants as well.

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Bed bugs found on 4th floor in my apartment. Alerted management company and am waiting to get an appointment with the exterminator who is very busy.. wish this was getting resolved faster!

I have spoken to several residents in this building who have reported that the bedbug issue has not been resolved as of October 2014. That is, some residents in the building have told me their apartments are currently infested. I live in the building and noted, in August, some suspicious bites on my shoulder and calf that are consistent with bedbug activity. I never found direct evidence of bedbugs and I haven't had a problem since I returned from a two-week summer vacation. I spoke to one neigh

bor who says she regularly treats her apartment with bedbug repellent because the the building has had issues for years. I plan to do the same.

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We at the O'Connell Organization take this matter very seriously. We disclose all matters pertaining to bed bugs according to NY State Law. We urge that tenants be careful not to bring furniture off of the street into their apartments. Also, contact us as soon as there is any sign of infection. Unfortunately, this is an epidemic that has spread throughout New York City and we can only deal with it by taking preventative measures and immediately attacking the problem as soon as there is any s

ign of Bed Bugs. In Rent Stabilized buildings we are limited as far as what we can do in order to evict tenants who continuously are infected and live with bed bugs.

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I moved out of this building in March 2011. The landlord sent an exterminator three times to my apt on the third floor after I killed a bedbug in January (the building was inspected in the Fall after bedbugs and fleas were reported on the ground floor). I'm not sure if the issue is completely resolved, I basically threw away everything I owned.

February 2011 Bed Bugs Reported to be eliminated upon moving in. While re-painting, found dead/ dormant bed bugs in lighting fixtures and closet. Fumigated again on a personal expense.

A neighbor in a first floor apartment has reported bedbugs, and an exterminator started a building-wide sweep this morning. The culprit: many residents in the building have made a habit of pulling discarded furniture off the street into their homes- and consequently mine. It's garbage for a reason, people.

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