522 Ocean Ave
New York, NY 11226-3709

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I found a bed bug crawling on the wall in my unit on the 6th floor during the day in November 2012. After some research I found out that there were other issues with bed bugs earlier in 2012 on the 6th floor as well. The management company sent a Pest Control Operator (PCO) after a couple weeks and I saw some husks left by growing bed bugs after his second and final visit. Terminator Pest Control confirmed to me by phone that they had treated other units on the 6th floor during 2012. It was dis

closed to me by the management company that there were reports of bed bugs on other floors of the building during 2012 but not the 6th floor.
Also, my bed was infested with bed bugs, which the PCO visually confirmed. I wrapped and threw out my bed. After great personal expense (laundered clothes, bed bugs preventative items, loss of furniture, etc) I moved out of the building in December of 2012. Be very wary of moving into this building. There is a very strong indication that it is infested by bed bugs.

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A few months ago our neighbors told us that they were having some problems with bed bugs two floors below us on the 4th floor. They reported having their apt fumigated several times with little improvement.
I have done a lot of research on the issue before and had lived in a building with a problem a few years prior to living at 522 Ocean ave, so I knew what to look for.
Shortly after hearing this, I got bit one morning nearly five times in one area, furiously searched the bed an

d most of the apartment, and found nothing.
A few nights ago, I got bit one night twice on the ankle and recognized the pattern, immediately removed the bedding, and saw a bed bug scatter away.
My boyfriend called the building management and they referred him to a woman who was supposed to coordinate an extermination.
They have not acted with any urgency. And because I have some experience, I know that this IS a really urgent issue. We are waiting for the exterminator to call us back to set up a date and in the mean time sealing any holes and cracks in the floor, washing and drying everything and plastic-bagging the rest.
I have my fingers crossed in hopes that this will get better.

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