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I moved in March, 2014. By May, I had a full bedbug infestation. After speaking with neighbors, I learned that the previous tenant had also suffered from a bed bug infestation. Instead of waiting to ensure that the infestation was gone after she had moved out, they simply went ahead and found a new tenant, me. The cosmetic renovations that were done to the apartment did not address serious structural issues on the premises. There were plenty of cracks in the floor and unfinished walls in the apa

rtment that continue to act as a bedbug, cockroach and mouse highway between apartments in the building. Last spring I dealt with another bedbug resurgence which I blame on open walls, etc. While the management give lip service to spraying surrounding apartments when things like this pop up, it never actually happens. So basically, I'm waiting until spring for my next bedbug battle in this place.

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We've now had several encounters with these things. We've had the exterminator here maybe three or four times in the past year. After their last visit, we didn't see anything for about six months. I've been getting bit once every few nights now. Found a bed bug in the bed. We informed the building management over a week ago, now they won't call us back at all. There's been no urgency on their end. It's miserable living this way.

i had them twice two years ago. they came back lastr. for what i just saw the whole area is infested. they takes there time . my skin was in a mess. paying rent to live like this its like living in a zoo we have every thing in here

Bed bugs were discovered in my brand new apartment. Then I realized that three of my neighbors on the same floor had bed bugs in their apartments. The landlord has sprayed twice and they have still returned. Planning on asking the management company for a new apartment on a different floor.

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