30 Linden Blvd
Brooklyn, NY 11226-3104

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My experience was very similar in this building to the person who posted about issues from 2013 - 2015. I lived in this building for 9 months starting in January 2015 and had to deal with bed bugs twice. These apartments are very old and it was absolutely obvious that the beg bugs were coming through the walls. The wall trimmings in the bedrooms are littered with holes, and there are big gaps between the floors and walls. It's obvious this is where the bugs come through.

In a building wi

th a super and landlord that take this seriously, they would have taken the trouble to seal up some of these gaps once an apartment reported bed bugs. This did not happen even though it's an obvious preventative step. Frankly, it wouldn't even be hard to do.

see full report...

We lived here and had a bb problem from 2013-15.. The exterminator came and sprayed several times, but after a few months the bed bugs always came back. It's an old building with many cracks in the wood floors.

Overall we would give the building management company a 0 out of 10 score

8/2010- bedbugs on all sheets, mattrasses, closets,and clothes in an apt on the fourth floor.
10/2010- my boyfriend home also on fourth floor has bedbugs as well as maggots...nice location, but disgusting maintnence

5th floor of 5 story walk up. Saw bed bugs crawling on wall and on bed in friends' apartment. Apartment currently vacant.

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