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Brooklyn, NY 11226-3103

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I don't have a particular date but I can definitely say that this incident occurred this past summer, so about 2-3 months ago. It didn't happen to me, it was my roommate that had the problem. It may have been due to a recent trip that summer for vacation but I understand there was an infestation in their room for a couple weeks.

Fortunately, it never spread and it was taken care of. Just make sure to keep an eye out, especially after traveling.

A neighbor was throwing away furniture and I asked her why she said she just wanted to treat herslf to some new stuff. I thought nothing of it. untill I saw her arm and back and kids were bite up all over. I asked her to tell the truth it was important an she finally admitted she had bed bugs. She believed a neighbor upstairs had them too. because she threw away new beds and etccc a month earlier. and now I saw three of them creatureson my chair. I believe a lot more people in my building have t

hem and are just not letting anyone or the landlord know. and my next door neighbor has been having bite marks for the past week and she says she searched and see nothing. this is a big building and if they spread throughout it we will have a big problem.

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