2164 Caton Ave
New York, NY 11226-2508

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I started noticing evidence of bed bugs in the building soon after I moved in, in November '09. Mattresses, furniture and rugs were often discarded on the sidewalk, sometimes with notes on them saying "infested". I was afraid it would only be a matter of time before I got them. In may 2010 a neighbor on my floor told me he had just gotten them. He also mentioned that other floors in the building were in bad shape. I finally noticed about ten bed bugs in my apartment one morning in June. The ext

erminator came the next day to spray. He said he could get rid of the bed bugs but they would probably be back in a matter of months. He said he had visited the building multiple times and it has a bad infestation. I therefore moved out. I m preparing to take my landlord to court if he refuses to return my deposit and pay for my mattress, which was almost new.

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