101 Lenox Rd
Brooklyn, NY 11226-2402

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I moved in to the apartment building on the 3rd floor mid 2010. I was not told that my room and the apartment had bedbugs until a few months after I moved in.
I guess the roommate I found on craigslist didn't think it was important to let me know.

I found a bed bug on the kitchen counter twice in 2010.
I received several bites that were in my case very painful and itchy. An exterminator came to the apartment once but it did not take care of the problem.
Feb 2011 I was bitten again in mul

tiple places on my body and I also found a bed bug on my bed.

The roommate does not seem to be bothered by this and still has not had the exterminator out to spray.

Now, I am moving out of the building do the bugs. I've had to dispose of my mattress, wooden dresser and wooden desk.
New furniture isn't cheap.

Think twice before you move into this building.

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My roommates and I identified trios of bites we suspected to be bedbugs in August 2009. One roommate visually confirmed bed bugs. To their credit, the management company responded quickly with an exterminator.

I have continued to receive the occasional bite, though it's unclear whether mosquito, bedbug, or something else; my roommates haven't reported any further problems. This apartment is old and also has roaches! Be cautious.

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