135 Clarkson Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11226-2001

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As of a few months it seems the bedbug situation is under control. I am on the fourth floor. I haven't seen any or felt any bites after 5 months. I havent heard any complaints from my neighbors either. So far so Good Bronstein.

I stayed here in summer 2011- do NOT think about renting/subletting from here. Bed bugs everywhere in the apartment i stayed at and it doesn't seem like there is any building supervision.

Bedbugs are in every apartment of the building. Bronstein Properties refuses to make a thorough treatment plan and treats apartments only after tenants make enough noise. Do NOT rent here!

Bedbugs on the 6th and 5th Floor. Several apartments on both floors have confirmed bedbugs. It is highly likely the bedbugs are traveling from one unit to the next since the building is not treated in a comprehensive manner.

Bed Bug infestation on 5th and 6th floors. Is in no way under control!

Bedbug infestation on 6th floor. Landlord has been uncooperative in helping pay for pest control. Tenant has paid for treatment numerous times. Infestation appears to be under control at the moment, with no thanks to landlord.

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