75 Hawthorne St
Brooklyn, NY 11225-5714

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We have a minor bedbug infestation that we caught very early and are in the process of treatment, which includes a well-researched multi-pronged approach with one of the best companies in NY and vigilant work on our part. Landlord has been supportive, though we are using a different company than the one under contract with the building (since we believe the difference in how the company we chose treats is significantly better. Also, consequently, landlord is not involved- they only cover cost if

we use their company). However, we have suggested to them to have neighboring apartments inspected, and to my knowledge they have ignored this so far.

IF the problem is not coming from a neighbor with an unreported infestation, odds are it will be contained and eliminated because of how early it was caught and how on top of treating it we are. It has been under a month so far and I will update this when we are confident we are clear (via K-9 inspection, monitors, and a long period of time with no bites)

May 2015

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