45 Hawthorne St
Brooklyn, NY 11225-5714

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they wouldn't loss their apartment cause of bed bugs by law the landlord has to take care of the problem. call 311- report to hpd let them inspect. if hpd doesnt respond write the mayor. they will answer. the landlord is suppose to get fined for outstanding hpds. they cant evection cause a tenants has bedbugs whose to say if they brought them in or not. nobody knows were they come from but if they are there they have to be addressed.and i believe by law the surrounding apartments to stop the spr

ead. its in eveyone best interest.

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I know several people who live in this building and they have had repeated problems with bedbugs for years. The super responds to calls and comes up with short-term fixes but they have done no systematic, professional remediation. People generally don't report problems in the building because the rent is low (rent controlled or stabilized) and they don't want to lose their apartments.

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