114 Fenimore St
Brooklyn, NY 11225-5309

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Lived in this building for 3+ years and have had bed bugs twice. When we first moved in an exterminator would come to all apartments with a sniffer dog 4x a year, but that stopped about a year ago. Neighbors in this building are very bad about reporting bed bugs, and they were coming into our apartment through the radiators and between apartments. This building perpetually has bed bugs, whether they come into your apartment or bypass is simply up to them. We remain constantly vigilant and yet st

ill find one every so often, despite the infestation existing in a different unit from ours.

Whenever we move next, we will have to get all of our belongings treated (probably at great expense) so as not to bring bed bugs into our next home.

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Found several bed bugs in living room. Noticed I was getting bitten around couch and desk chair. Notified Management and an exterminator was sent. They said they did not find any "evidence" of bugs, despite the obvious evidence in a plastic bag that I'd collected, but sprayed anyway, and came back 3-4 weeks later (too long) to spray again. Soon, I began noticing blood spots on my sheets, and then saw a bug on my duvet. Management has been proactive about getting inspectors in and they have hired

a new company to treat. They brought a dog in and found bugs in my bed for sure. They came last week to treat, but wouldn't spray because all my stuff wasn't bagged up. Have had restless sleep and long days trying to prepare for the exterminator. I know for a fact that at least two other apartments have bugs. I suspect they initially came from the apartment below me. Fingers crossed to get rid of these bastards...

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