2100 Beekman Pl
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I am in 6H. Monday night 9/10/12, I was napping on my couch when I felt like I was being bit by a swarm of bugs. It felt like a nightmare. So, I woke up, flicked on the lights and saw nothing. But I had itchy bumps all over my arms and legs.

I got a white sheet, threw it on the couch and turned off the lights for five minutes. When I flicked the lights back on, there are were at least 20 bedbugs casually strolling across my couch. Without the white sheet, they would have been almost impossib

le to see.

I told Allan, the super, about the bugs. He acted as though it wasnt news to him that there were bedbugs in the building. He told me to call management and then moved on with his day.

Management has yet to respond to my calls. As a preventive measure, I went out and bought a new vacuum cleaner, a steamer and "Eradicator" bedbug spray. Spraying twice a day, steam cleaning the couch everyday, I've reduced the bedbug count by at least 10 bugs. More importantly, I have not been bitten since 9/12/12.

Orginally, I thought the bedbugs came up from Apartment 5A. It just underwent renovations at the end of August. Gutting it might have disturbed the bugs in the walls. It's good to see that whoever lived in 5A before the renovations reports that I might be on to something.

From these postings, it appears that this is not this building's first brush with bedbugs. The super's reaction, along with the previous occupant of 5A, confirms this.

I am waiting to see what management has to say and do before I take further action. But I am not going to live with bedbugs or suffer the consequences lightly.

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Still has bedbugs. I was in apartment 5A, at apartment, however its been over a year and we are still battling this issues. Jumping ship. Rather be in a smaller apartment bedbug free. I went to visit there recently and it seems they are just covering the problem. Instead of a huge apartment with ongoing problem. Before moving i washed all my clothes in hot water and left them in bags. Everything else was trashed.

There are still bedbugs in this building. My apartment was just treated.


There are definitely bed bugs in the entire building. I just moved from another state, into a renovated apartment. They called and an exterminator "treated" the problem, ie layed down a few chemicals around the floor boards and left. The problem has obviously not gone away.. this is disgusting.

My apartment got inspected for bedbugs. I was nervous as i heard that two people in the building had them even though i have never been bit. The company that managment used was very professionally and I was found to have nothing. I have lived in the buidling for over 10 years and just this year we heard of a potential problem. The whole buidling was inspected which is more then i can say for other buildings. I will keep an eye for them and just stay in touch with the bed bug people just in

case but i think i am in the clear!!!

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The building has bedbugs. I even found adults 10 days after the second treatment. More then 40 apts were treated but there are probably more apts not reported and treated. Don't rent there, is dangerous because you may get bedbugs soon since they move through the walls of the building.

This building is infested with bed bugs more than 20 units and has been spreading for entire building.
This building's landlord is deceptive about it.

this building is infested with bed bugs on both sides of the building.

My boyfriend and I moved in and out within 2 days
John Larocca tried to convince me that there was never a report for bed bugs, but neighbors say otherwise, one women said she has been complaining for a year about it. I lost all of my furniture and hundreds of dollars in extermination products.
besides terminating the lease and returned my money I was not compensated for everything that I have lost.

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