2121 Beekman Pl
Brooklyn, NY 11225-4802

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Moved into the apartment in fall of 2014. Within two weeks of moving in I started waking up with bites. What followed was a 7+ month infestation involving half a dozen exterminators. I repeatedly told mgmt that the bedbugs were coming from the walls, but it took months for them to finally hire an exterminator to treat the inside of our walls in addition to our apartment. Two of our neighbors have had repeated infestations in the past year as well. It is now almost a year since moving in and the

bedbugs are back after a 3 month reprieve. This building is infested and mgmt has shown no signs of taking this problem seriously.

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My girlfriend and I lived at 2121 Beekman Pl from Feb. 2009-Feb. 2010. We lived on the sixth floor and had bed bugs a total of 4 times. The management refused to do anything about it. We had an exterminator come out and he confirmed that they were coming through the walls from neighbors below us. He checked with the neighbors below us and across the hall and both had bed bugs. The people across the hall even refused to do anything about it. Once we had them exterminated, they continued to come b

ack and we had to continue paying exterminators to come out. None of these costs were ever reimbursed by the management. Avoid this building at all costs.

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An informal poll of residents on the 5th and 6th floors of this large building in June 2009 indicated that almost all of the apartments had a recent or current bedbug infestation.

I was even told by the building's exterminator that a resident refused to have one of the rooms in his apartment treated.

Management company and broker both lied about this, as the super was well aware of ongoing bedbug problems. We did not get it in writing, but definitely asked before we moved in if there had

ever been a problem. The neighboring building (51 Lincoln Rd.) was already in this registry.

We broke the lease on our overpriced renovated studio and took the landlord to small claims court to cover the 3rd party exterminator we had to hire. Victory, or at least a positive settlement in the face of a frivolous counterclaim by the landlord (despite written permission to terminate lease early).

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