302 Eastern Pky
Brooklyn, NY 11225-1101

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We discovered a colony of bed bugs on September 1st at our apartment, #3G, though I was being bitten for several weeks prior. We hired our own exterminator that following day who sprayed the entire apartment. The management company has hired a pest control operator to come the week of September 15th to spray our apartment again. We have urged the management company to treat the entire building, but to our knowledge they are not doing so.

My daughter moved into this apt. over a year ago. For the past eight months, they have had bedbug problems in the apartment. The landlord contacted an exterminator. Gentrol was used. The apartment has now been treated *eight* times, and the inhabitants are still being bitten. They have been told to seal everything in plastic and move out for one month while the floor is ripped out. Having been a certified pesticide applicator in another state, I know this is not the entire solution to the proble

m. I've not been able to get to NYC to check the radiator for build-up of dust (habitat); but this was a source of another type of infestation at another relative's apartment.

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