286 Eastern Pky
Brooklyn, NY 11225-1101

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I started finding bites on my legs and arms shortly after moving in in the Spring of 2015, but being new to NYC I naively thought they were spider bites since I often slept with the windows open. Then one evening my boyfriend and I spotted a live bedbug on the pillow. Upon inspecting closer we found black dots (their droppings) all over the seams of 2 of our pillows. They were also living in the picture frames above the bed and in our wooden nightstands. Building management quickly arranged for

treatment, but considering they didn't treat any of the surrounding apartments I know the bedbugs will just come back eventually. I'll be moving as soon as my lease is up.

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We've been finding bedbugs in our apartment since last April. We've had 4 treatments, but our landlord refuses to inspect other apartments, so the problem persists. At this point, we are almost certain they're coming in from a neighboring apartment.

We have found bedbugs in our apartment. I have had about 10 bedbug bites. Several other building tenants have bedbugs as well. the building seems to be infested. UGH!!!

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