42 Driggs Avenue
New York City, NY 11222

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This building (42 Driggs Ave.) has had bedbugs in several apartments over the last several years.

I just moved out of Apartment 3L (which is labeled as apt. 6 on its door), where my roommate and I suffered months of on and off infestations.

Below are the following encounters we've had with bedbugs in this apt.:

#1 mid-December 2014 [bedbug bites for over 2 weeks before landlord sent over an exterminator (service used: Esquire, quality: horrible and cheap).

#2 February, 2015: just un

der 2 months since the exterminator treated the entire apartment, we started to get bedbug bites again and caught several live bugs. The entire apartment was re-treated.

#3 March, 2015: Shortly after (about 2 weeks) Esquire Pest Control came back to re-spray the apartment, the bugs returned and resumed biting my roommate and I. I convinced the landlord to use a more reputable and thorough extermination service: Beyond Pest Control (quality: much more professional/thorough). The results from this service, however, were only temporary, because the landlord, Mark, refused to seal up the gaping cracks in the apartment’s floors or seal the ground molding. There are holes where the walls meet the floors so large in certain parts of the apartment, a rat could fit through them.

#4 April, 2015: Beyond Pest Control Returned to retreat the apartment after bedbugs were found/bites occurred.

#5- Five days later, April, 2015: Bedbug bites occurred again just 5 days after the apartment was retreating, speaking volumes about the level of infestation this apartment is experiencing, especially in the front bedroom (just behind the living room).

My roommate and I have given up the fight, since it isn’t a fair battle. To make matters worse, the landlord wants to turn the apartment over as is, literally passing the bedbugs along. I would be shocked if he even puts carpet down.

Additionally, this is a completely un-updated, rent-controlled apartment. Tenants who are charged more than the legal $1,300 a month should sue Mark out of the water. He is looking for young and naïve tenants to con.

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