Green St
Brooklyn, NY 11222

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Since those tenants left no problems reported. 69 green is a clean well maintained building that allows no pets

As of January 30 2013 no bed bugs

69 Green St, Apt# 3R, Brooklyn NY 11222

We had bed bugs at this apartment that took over 6 months to get rid of. The first bite appeared in 4/08 and it took us about a month and finally an expensive biopsy to figure out what was biting us. I was getting red spots that weren't itchy and were slightly raised for a few weeks so I went to a dermatologist and she biopsies a bump and called me to tell me it was bed bugs.

Then our battle with bed bugs was very up and down but always a constant f

ight. We had a lot of problems with our landlord and scheduling times to bring in exterminators. The landlord would say Wednesday so we would tear apart the apartment and set things up so that the exterminator could move around the apartment freely and also remove my fish from the apartment. So after hours of work we would get home and no one had shown up and we would call the landlord and he wouldn't answer. Then the Land Lord would end up sending someone on Thursday when we were not ready and ended up kill my 3 fish.

Finally the bites stopped in 9/08 but we had exterminators come every weekend for 3 weeks after and now a few months later we have no bed begs! Through out the entire ordeal we only saw one single bed beg! We turned our apartment upside down and clean everything and got rid of our mattress. I think that this problem could have been cleared up much faster if our landlord was cooperative. He also told us that he has been dealing with bed begs for over 5 years so I am assuming that the building still has the bed bugs somewhere. We are moving now and taking very serious precautions to avoid another problem like this.

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