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I first noticed a few bites on my legs in september of 2011. I wasn't notified when I moved in of any previous infestation so I assumed they were mosquito bites and an isolated incident. Regardless I did a thorough self inspection, found nothing and cleaned all beadings.

I started suffering more bites in spring of 2012 probably around May. Upon inspection I found roughly 20-30 bugs living in my headboard. And this was about a week after the landlord had exterminators come through the loft for

an inspection.

I was subletting and was seeking my own place at the time and ended up moving june 1st so I'm not sure how it all panned out.

I'm fairly certain my roommate was profiting of the rest of the people staying in the unit as she was the only one on the lease, found us all on craigslist and never really worked.

Anyway she never said anything about it before I moved in and then kept almost half of my deposit to pay for treatments.

The American package company lofts are definitely infested DO NOT MOVE IN HERE.

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bitten over and over. Landlord paid for an exterminator who claimed we didn't have bedbugs. Found live bedbug crawling in my bed this morning.

135 16th Street
Bed bugs evident (an actual dead one found on the floor, and occupants of one of the apartments bitten). Landlord refuses to pay for extermination, so tenants are forced to. Not sure if landlord has alerted other tenants.

We had the tell tale signs of bed bugs and called an exterminator (which we paid for out of pocket) and they seemed to go away. Recently, they came back, and it is clear they are a building-wide problem yet still the landlord refuses to pay for the exterminator.
This means that individual apartments get sprayed one at a time, instead of an entire floor or the entire building at once. The result being that the infestation never gets properly taken care of.

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