257 Kingsland Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222-4304

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The problem was resolved, many of the units were treated and we haven't had any problems since!

the landlord is taking care of the entire building. I'll update whether or not they are gone from 2L when i move out in Nov. as I cannot speak on behalf of the entire building. He instisted on multiple treatments and is planning on doing more than the requirement to ensure that they are all gone.

Moved in late Nov/early Dec. The neighbor across the hall threw out his mattress and some furniture in March. Pest control people came out of the apartment and upon approaching them about whether or not they were there for bed bugs they responded that they 'could not inform us of that unless we hired them'. A week later I started getting bitten. With no signs of bed bugs I wrote it off as mosquito bites. My boyfriend wasn't getting bitten. My bites swelled up making them very irritating an

d imposing. After a 3 week stay in Philly for work all of my bites had disappeared. We upgraded our bed/bedding in our bedroom and this time we bought a mattress cover to be on the safe side with a brand new mattress. A few weeks ago I started getting bit again. This time I notice that the neighbors below us seemed to be moving. In actuality they had thrown their mattress out and some furniture, bought a new mattress and sprayed their entire apartment with the home depot bed bug killer that there were a few gallons of in the garbage that I saw them throwing out. With the inspection of our bed, we found 2 bed bugs, and we also found 2 on our couch . . . The bites are getting worse and I cannot sleep l . . . night terrors of bugs crawling all over me wake me up, and the swelling/itchiness of the bites make it unbearable. I am a makeup artist and cannot stay in such conditions risking contamination of my makeup supplies. My work is a very mobile one and spreading parasites is something I cannot stand for.

To make matters worse we found 2 dead mice this past week . . . thank god for cats.


Our apt is 2L, the neighbor across the hall was 2R (i've never seen him leave his apt), and the neighbors downstairs that just sprayed were in 1L.

My guess is is that the entire building is infested. I'm continuing to press the issue with the landlord and will update if the problem has been resolved.


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