170 Nassau Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222-4106

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I moved into 170 Nassau Avenue (also known as 70 Diamond Street) in May 2007 on the third floor. Two weeks after moving in, both myself and my roommate starting getting bites all over our bodies. We thought they were mosquito bites, but one day as I was making my bed I spotted two dead bugs. I did some research online and found out they were indeed bed bugs. I called the landlord and he did nothing about it, accusing my roommate and I of bringing them into the apartment - neither one of us had E

VER had a problem until we moved into that apartment.

Then, we found out our neighbors had them too. We called Absolute Death exterminating company, who took a look at our apartment. They said the landlord had to have known about the problem, because bed bugs don't show up dead as they are hard to kill - the apartment had to have been exterminated, albeit poorly, before.

THREE MONTHS, $2000, LOADS OF LAUNDRY AND DOZENS OF SLEEPLESS NIGHTS LATER the problem was finally over. Our slum broker, Said Boukhalfa, was of no help and lied to everyone in the building he rented that property out to. It was a nightmare.

I left the building in August of 2007 because I thought I was losing my mind. I just couldn't handle the problem even after it was over. In fact, I left NYC too. But I can tell you I fear getting bed bugs again ever since then. Make sure when you move into an apartment to ASK QUESTIONS! Now I know! And do NOT rent from Mr. Boukhalfa! http://www.marcusmillichap.com/Professionals/SaidBoukhalfa/

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