42 Diamond St
Brooklyn, NY 11222-4102

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My boyfriend and I moved into 42-44 Diamond St last April. The apartment was only characterized under 44 Diamond St by the broker, so we only checked that address on the registry before signing the lease. There were no complaints for 44 Diamond St. After about a month and a half of mysterious bites, our neighbor told us that the building has had an infestation for years. After learning this, we checked 42 Diamond St and found this list of complaints for the building.

The landlord sent his own

exterminator who made efforts at eradicating the pests, but the entire building is infested-- they come out of the walls even after a thorough extermination. We ended up settling with the landlord for a sum of money and moving out, but DO NOT move in here-- while it may seem under control at times, the problem is within the infrastructure. The landlord consistently ignored out phone calls, and took no real measures to take care of the problem.

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Stay away from this building. This is an ongoing problem that has spread throughout the building and the owner does not seem to take it seriously.

I lived here for six months, and first noticed bed bugs within a week of moving in. I notified the landlord, but we were unable to eradicate the bugs from my apartment. The landlord dealt with the situation poorly. We had arranged for several treatments by the exterminator, but over half a year later, I was still being bitten by the bugs. They didn't treat the infestation properly (sealing holes, caulking base boards, and treating neighboring apartments). I think they probably spread the


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There is a long-standing problem with bedbugs at this site. Beware if your lease does not include a bedbug disclosure form. I signed a lease only to find out later that my landlord failed to comply with a new law stating that any bedbug problems within the last year should be disclosed to any prospective tenant.

I have spoken with tenants in this building, and have discovered that almost every one I've spoken to has seen bedbugs or had a problem with bedbugs. It seems that the landlord

is not properly handling the situation (i.e. treating the entire building at once as opposed to treating each apartment individually with a 'spray-and-pray' approach which is not designed for bedbugs.)

After an exchange with the landlord, I've found out that the building has had this same problem for nearly five years. This is at the landlord's own admission! They knew about it, and did not disclose the problem to me. Now I am facing huge expenses in moving and fumigation costs.

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