177 Russell St
Brooklyn, NY 11222-3629

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I'm the tenant in 1R. I saw my first bug on 5/2/06, just over a year ago. I notified the landlord, who gave me a can of Raid and a few Combat traps, even after I told him these wouldn't help.

The problem seemed to subside for a few months, then came back full force this winter. I have large adult bugs coming out in the open during the day. They seem to be coming from the apartment below -- an illegal basement apartment that the landlord built last year, before this problem started (I should s

ay I lived there for 6 years without any signs of bugs until the illegal apartment was built).

I have notified the landlord, who says he will hire an exterminator, but does not seem in any great hurry to do so.

In the meantime I have a feeling the building is infested, and the bugs are in the walls. Things are getting worse.

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