185 Norman Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222-3413

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The previous two reports only five days apart are a lie by an angry, pitiful former roommate trying to sabotage getting a new roommate. No bedbugs in this house and I have been here nearly three years. Thanks

I SECOND THAT - I lived here during this time as well!!! For the most part the BBs stayed on one side of the apartment (they never ventured into my room on the other side of the apartment). I remember once some random guy came over and sprayed "something" - go figure it didn't work! My roommate bombed the apartment and that seemed to keep the BBs under control for a little bit BUT THEY CAME BACK! Rotten that the landlord deducted false cleaning services from my roommates deposit. I'm glad I got

out of there when I did (2 years ago).

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My friends and I have lived in this apartment for over 5 years. straight. The past few years we had a bedbug infestation that came back 3 times! The landlord did hire an exterminator each time (she lived above us). We agreed never to report it to the bed bug registry since the "issue" had seemed to of been taken care (even though the bedbugs kept coming back) - the landlord since has deducted false "cleaning services" out of the deposit we paid (it took 3 months to pay back and I was given fake

receipts by cleaning companies that don't even exist). I would be EXTREMELY careful of moving into this apartment with it's past infestation issues (as well as renting from the landlord). NIGHTMARE!

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