160 Norman Ave, Apt 3
Brooklyn, NY 11222-3412

Found 2 reports:

The previous report is FALSE. Tenants on second floor were asked to leave by landlord after leaving water in bathroom running which then leaked into apartment below, damaging ceiling. This was the second time this had happened. Insurance company told landlord to make tenants in second floor leave or lose homeowners coverage. Tenants move was NOT precautionary.

The third floor apartment had bed bugs in early 2009 and went through an extensive attempt to fix the problem. The extermination did not fully work. Bedbugs were spotted during the day time hours in the open (on a pillow in the living room). The landlord was preparing to try to exterminate again when myself and my roommate moved out. Unclear what the resolution was.

We lived in the second floor and as of inspection in 4/09 our apartment had no bedbugs. Our move was precautionary...

No nearby bug reports