93 Mcguinness Blvd
Brooklyn, NY 11222-3301

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On May 2nd 2010 at 2am, I found 2 adult, unfed (flat) bedbugs on top of my bedspread.
I had just come home, via 3 hours on public transport (NJ Transit, Path, L-train, b62 bus), and put my bag down on my on top of my bed at @ 1:30. At @ 2am I went into my room and saw an adult bedbug crawling across my (white) bedspread, I searched and found one more further down right near where the bedspread meets the bedskirt (the bedroom light was on the whole time).
I put them both in a jar, snapped so

me pictures and confirmed with a scientist friend that they were bedbugs. They seemed very flat, not puffed up/inflated with blood. I checked all the seams of my mattress and did not find any bugs/ droppings/ blood.
I emailed/called the landlord the next morning (Sunday) and he said he would send an exterminator asap.
I stripped my bed, washed everything in super hot water and dried on high for 45min-1 hour. I bought bins and bags and binned and bagged everything before bringing it home. (I went the full crazy.)
The exterminator came Tuesday, he said there was no signs of bugs, anywhere, no one in our apartment had been bitten, and if we didn't have the 2 in the jar he wouldn't have believed it. And then he sprayed. He hit my matress, beframe, floors, etc in my room, floors in my roommates room, and floorboards in all of the rest of the apartment.
Then he came back 2 weeks later and sprayed everything again (the spray kills the bugs, but not the eggs, so they come twice as a standard to kill anything that may have hatched). He gave us gluetraps to put down to monitor the situation for any bugs and all I caught was a little spider and some dust bunnies.

We never got any bites then or since then and we haven't seen any other bedbugs in our apartment. (as of Aug 19 2010).
(93 McGuinness Blvd, Apt 2, 2nd foor)

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