132 Norman Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222-2940

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Its been a month of living with these bugs. We've sealed everything up in garbage bags, and have been living in a war zone. Even after spraying twice I am constantly being bitten and am covered in bites. We have found a new apartment and are super excited to move.

We've decided to hire exterminators to do heat treatment (the only effective treatment...) of all our stuff in a moving truck. This is also cheaper than heat-treating a whole apartment, not to mention that treating the 132 norman a

pt. wouldn't work anyways because the whole building is infested. Were still negotiating with the landlord to be able to amend our lease to leave early, but it looks optimistic.

I hope that if you are thinking about moving into this place, you read this first. Be aware of your rights. Best of luck.

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On 7/14/12 discovered a long line of bites down my back after napping on the couch, and the next day captured a bedbug specimen as it crawled on the cushion. Have since had bites in my bed as well. Called the super on 7/16/12 and he was quick to respond, but the extermination company could only book an appointment for today, 7/19/12. As my roommate and I dragged the couch out to the curb last night, an elderly polish man who lives in the same apartment one floor up seemed totally unsurprised wh

en we told him about the bedbugs, saying, "oh! you too? whole building have bedbugs"! We spoke to our neighbors on the same floor and they said they have not had any problems with bugs since moving in 2 years ago, most likely they moved soon after the date of the previous post. Am still trying to figure out if this is a building-wide problem, but it is complicated by the fact that many of the older tenants in the building do not have a reliable command of english and it is hard to get specific dates and details out of them.

The exterminators are coming today, but I feel this is a temporary solution to a building-wide problem.

Will post updates.

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Bed bug infestation which seems building wide. Landlords slow to respond at first, but then did agree to three treatments for the entire building; unclear if other tenants are willing to comply with all the necessary precautions during treatments. One treatment has already been done, and the second will be on 7/22/2010 (in a week and a half).

Said they had never had a problem in 50 years, and it does seem to be a recent development (a tenant we know who had been there a year and a half had n

ever had problems until 2 months ago). We're moving, in part because of concern about the landlord's response (she's quite elderly) and how to get in touch with maintenance, and also whether other tenants understand how to deal with the problem.

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