708 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222-2910

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The building did indeed have an infestation a few years back. The problem however, been addressed, treated and eradicated. The entire building went vacant (no tenants in all four units) while individual apartment units were renovated and fumigated over the course of several months. It has since been free of any infestation for over a year. The current tenants in the building have no complaints. The particular apartment in question was actually just rented to an individual who, coincidentall

y, is an exterminator. He performed his own inspection and found it clean and just recently signed the lease. Thought I would share this information since the two previous comments are over a year old and not up to date.

see full report...

i almost moved into the apartment...right after the last posting
spent one night there.
learned it was infested with bed bugs... the hard way
told the broker and the landlord
got my money back..eventually
months later I got a call from the new tenant and they of course learned their apartment was infested..
the broker's said they knew nothing of that.
It's the same brokers that are on the same street, who's business name i can't remember.

do not rent from them, or this apartment EVER

4th and 3rd floors are infested. The landlord (James Lim) has gone out of his way to make this the most difficult and expensive process for us. Infestation began in late 2007 and will probably never end. DO NOT LIVE HERE. EVER.

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