222 Calyer St
Brooklyn, NY 11222-2739
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Tenants paid for extermination after landlord refused to pay - against NYC housing law. Tenants realized it was a building problem after 2 separate professional exterminators told tenants that the level of infestation and bug living patterns indicated that there was a building infestation - NOT bugs brought in from visitors that arrived only 5 days prior to discovery of infestation. Landlord also refused to allow one of the exterminators to inspect adjacent units as recommended. Tenants were una

ble to fully empty the apartment before leaving due to landlord noncooperation with allowing tenants to dispose of infested furniture in the trash though tenants repeatedly attempted to dispose of furniture according to all guidelines for disposing of furniture as confirmed repeatedly by 311.

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New tenants brought visitors in from a foreign country. Their luggage was stored in a storage unit in NJ and they had bites before they came into our building. The apartment was exterminated by the tenants because they told the exterminator and also us that they would assume full responsibility. We have owned the building for many years and have never had any bug problem in the premises. Upon their vacating the premises, we had to clean up after them and the apartment is free of any infestation

Confirmed bed bug activity in apartment 2B of 222 Calyer St, Brooklyn NY 11222. On June 24, 2009 we reported to our landlord - who lives in the building - that we thought we had bedbugs. He didn't want to hear it. On June 30th a doctor confirmed bed bugs and on July 1st they were confirmed by Dial a Bug exterminators who located some bugs on the bottom of one of our boxsprings and showed them to us.

We were made - against NYC law - to incur all costs of extermination. The apartment recei

ved two treatments including chemical pesticides and DE around the baseboards: one on July 1st and one on July 15th, both by Dial a Bug.

In between the two treatments the bugs began appearing out of light sockets and out of the top of the water pipe connecting apartments 2B and 3B. We consulted an independent exterminator who comes highly recommended by NYC residents on Bedbugger.com who - based on the description of the infestation - suggested that the bugs are living in the building walls and the building requires an inspection of adjoining units to determine their location and eliminate them completely.

The landlord talked to this exterminator and again refused to have the building inspected.

We vacated the apartment on July 31, 2009 due to landlord violating tenant law to cover cost of extermination and also due to landlord violating the warranty of habitability which states that landlords must keep apartments free of dangerous infestations.

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