1074 Lorimer St
Brooklyn, NY 11222-2612

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this decrepid building is where that older bald polish biker dude sits on the steps religiously smoking cigs

why is there a woman in a stained tshirt taking my garbage right out of my hands. thats trash lady. wait dont take that inside

you know the place...there is a frequent chatty kathy spilling her guts to the hood on a cell phone and an Eminem looking dude that revs his motorcycle for like 30 minutes to try to look tough but actually still yells at his mom.

there is this one hipste

r that told me she gets bedbugs in her bush

there is also this one jewish looking dude always wear flip flops all the time


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I had been unable to sleep for a few nights due to bites and itching which I thought was a mosquito. It turned out to be bed bugs, I saw a few of them one night on my mattress.
I had an inspector come over and he said my building was infested, and that treating my apartment alone was useless. I was told they are inside the walls and coming up in the floor boards. I have also learned that bed bugs have been in other units in building over the years. The landlord, a woman named Mira refuses

to do anything.
I was told by the inspector, due to how bad my building was infested, I should throw away all furniture and belongings and start fresh.
I'm now crashing at my girlfriends apartment and no longer have any belongings.

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