150 Calyer St
Brooklyn, NY 11222-2515

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I lived in the apartment above Ashley for 5 years, 2003-2008. We had bed bugs 3 times, usually in the Summer. Landlord never treated properly. He relied on secrecy and blamed tenants for the bedbugs even though it was obvious that the bedbugs had more claim to ownership of building than him. The only way to fix the problem would have been a unified effort between landlord and all tenants but many of the older tenants refused to admit that there was a problem even when the inspector came and fo

und bedbugs in their beds.

Eventually I had to discard all my possessions and move out. Also our gas was out for 18 months and there was a broken window for years. I work in the area and I'm pretty sure the same landlord still owns it so I'd recommend steering clear.

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We had bedbugs in our unit last week. The landlord was surprisingly very helpful and had the place treated. I am not sure if the person he used was very reputable, but he was licensed (I had him present it to me before he sprayed). So far the bugs have not come back.

I have lived in this building for almost three years and have had a bedbug problem twice. Each time it has been a total nightmare trying to get the landlord to treat the apartment properly. We are dealing with a minor infestation right now. At first he refused to treat my apartment at all, which is illegal. He then tried to get our super, who is not a licensed exterminator, to treat my apartment. I then called the city to file a report because he was trying to treat the apartment cheaply without

the help of a licensed professional. The prospect of having an inspector coming to the building, or even going to court, freaked the landlord out, so he finally hired this really creepy exterminator who has sprayed my apartment twice without success. I keep telling the landlord that, until he treats the entire building (there are only 8 apartments in the building), this problem most likely won't go away easily, but he refuses to do so. I am so fed up that I am now looking to move to a new apartment. It's too bad because I love my apartment, despite its pros and cons, but I am so infuriated by my landlord's unwillingness to cooperate and his lack of respect for his tenants that I think my best option now is to move.

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